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Addiction harms the mind the most, don’t leave the addiction gradually; 8 Ways That Can Help You

Bollywood, famous for entertainment, is in discussion all over the world today because of drugs. Many big stars in the industry are battling drug addiction. According to the World Drug Report 2020, increasing the use of drugs is linked to increasing wealth. The report states that the use of drugs is more in developed countries than in developing countries. Drugs like cocaine are being used in many of the wealthier parts of the world.

Dr. Neena Vijayvargiya, neuropsychiatrist

and counselor in Kota, Rajasthan says, ‘Intoxication always leads you towards addiction. No one should be intoxicated. He says that cigarette addicts feel that only their lungs are getting weak or alcohol drinkers feel that this addiction is affecting their liver, whereas it is not so. Any kind of intoxication damages the brain more than the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

What is Addiction?

• According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is a mental illness caused by persistent use of a single substance (alcohol, drugs). The person knows that it can have a very bad effect on health, but despite this, he keeps on using it.
• These things affect the way the brain works. People struggling with drug addiction develop tolerance, that is, gradually the amount of drugs starts increasing, because of the amount of intoxication they used to get earlier, they are now feeling less. For example, a person who used to drink one glass of alcohol earlier has started drinking three-four glasses. This number keeps on increasing. People take drugs for many reasons, including things like feeling better, working better, or stress.

How to identify that you have become a victim of any addiction

According to Dr. Vijayvargiya, there are many types of addiction, and the way to know the level of addiction of each type is different. According to him, you can detect drug addiction by these methods that come inside you.
• Intoxication even without wanting: This is called addiction. In serious cases, a person knows that he is being harmed in many ways by taking drugs, such as social, economic, family, and respect. Despite this, there is an urge to get intoxicated.
• Loss of work or studies: The main focus of a person struggling with drug addiction is on getting intoxicated. In such a situation, if a student is struggling with it, then his studies will be affected and if a working person is a victim of addiction, then his productivity will be affected.
• Increase in expenditure on drugs: People going towards addiction start spending more money than necessary on drugs. In such a situation, the economic pressure on them increases, and due to this addiction also increases. If you start spending more money on drugs than before, it could be an early sign of addiction.

Let’s know how to deal with drug addiction.

  1. Quit addiction gradually, not all at once: Most people think of quitting addiction gradually. However, experts suggest the opposite. According to Dr. Vijayvargiya, if you want to quit addiction, then keep away from intoxicants completely.
  2. Confidence has to be increased: Strong mind and intention play the biggest role in quitting addiction. If you have decided that you will not touch drugs again, then first increase your confidence in your mind. Start trusting yourself that you will not repeat this work.
  3. Support of family members: According to experts, the most important thing during this time is the support of family members. If the relatives keep taunting the person battling the addiction, then it will be difficult for them to give up alcohol or any kind of addiction. In such a situation, the family should decide to support them, not underestimate them.
  4. Treat chronic illness: Sometimes a person starts drinking because of some illness. One takes the help of drugs to forget the disease and later its addiction affects the health further. In such a situation, know the reason for intoxication and if that reason is a disease, then get it treated first.
  5. Distance from bad things: There are many reasons for getting intoxicated. Many times a person starts taking drugs under some pressure, due to friendship. In such a situation, if you are ready to quit addiction, then keep your distance from everything like this. According to experts, if a friend is asking you to drink alcohol, then he is your enemy.
  6. Create a new plan: Before quitting addiction, it is very important to know why you started using drugs. Because if you know this reason, it will help you to plan a strategy for the future. After knowing the reason, make a plan that what you will do if the old situation comes in front of you again.
  7. Find alternatives. While trying to quit, you will often find yourself in addictive places, such as parties. In such a situation, keep your mind strong and decide that you have come here only to participate, not to get intoxicated. For example, if alcohol is the norm at the party, go with the soft drink option.
  8. Change in Lifestyle: The expert told me that to quit an addiction, you have to be prepared not only mentally but also physically. Take care of your physical health during the process of quitting. Take a balanced diet, get a good night’s sleep, and include exercise in your routine. Dr. Vijayvargiya said that the pleasure you get from exercise is long-lasting and does not become addictive.

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